Liverpool 3 – 3 West Ham United

FA Cup 13/05/2006 T Shirt Size Guide


Yes, technically this is a draw. But as draws go, it’s pretty spectacular. Going into this one, Liverpool had won the cup six times and West Ham three, which does do a good job of showing the favourite slash underdog setup. The Scousers boasted a lineup riddled with seasoned internationals at the top of their game and West Ham featured Matt Etherington, Marlon Harewood and a 37 year old Shaka Hisplop in goal. Even so, with approximately 120 seconds left to go, the Irons were about to attain their fourth cup. ‘The Gerrard Final’, they called it. Though the amount of times he popped up to save his team’s bacon, there were a lot of ‘Gerrard’ things.