Argentina 3 – 3 France


The best World Cup final since 1986 and arguably one of the greatest football matches of all time, given it’s status. At half time, it was over. With ten minutes to go, it was over. Approximately 180 seconds from then, it was somehow 2-2. At this point, the French in the ascendancy and nobody knows what’s going on. Incredulously, Argentina scored again in extra time. Two minutes from the end, they conceded a penalty for handball. I had nothing riding on this, and my mind was completely shattered by the end. So I have no idea how any Argentine or French person dealt with any of this. In its own way, at least we now have definitive proof that Lionel Messi is the greatest football player that ever lived. The arguments are all over. You would’ve thought. People are idiots, what can you do? Shout out to Kylian Mbappé for being only the third person (one here, two here) to score a World Cup final hat trick (and the only one to not win).