Liverpool 2 – 3 Chelsea

League Cup 27/02/2005 T Shirt Size Guide


At this point in time, Chelsea were riding high under José Mourinho and hurtling towards their first top flight title in donkey’s years. Fifty to be precise. As such, José was out looking for the best, which invaribly led to interest in peak Steven Gerrard. Had Liverpool not won the Champions League later on this year, who knows – Stevie could’ve built on his Chelsea goalscoring at the correct end. A word for Mateja Kežman, picking up the winner here. With Eiður Guðjohnsen already established and some lad called Didier Drogba turning up, it was very tough to get a look in. And this is someone who scored 35 goals in 33 games for PSV only recently. An embarrassment of riches and a cup to go with it.