England 8 – 0 Norway

UEFA EUROS 11/07/2022 T Shirt Size Guide


Let’s not pretend that Norway are a bad team, now. Being World Champions in 1995 and twice conquerors of Europe backs this up. Given Ada Hegerberg’s return to the team after her self-imposed, pay descrepancy exile (righly, imo), the Norwegian team was not something to take lightly. Prior to the match, nobody did do that. After a lucky penalty (read: it’s not a penalty) decision, you never would’ve predicted the onslaught that would follow. It wasn’t so much one team imploding or the other exploding, more both of those things happening at the same time. The biggest win in the competition’s history and equalling the most goals ever scored in a Women’s EUROS match (also involving England). An incredible / terrible night, depending on where you stand.