Nottingham Forest 1 – 2 Tottenham Hotspur

FA Cup 18/05/1991 T Shirt Size Guide


For every every FA Cup final borefest (1972, 1996, 2005) there are ones like this. And this had everything (almost). A thunderous free kick goal (Stuart Pearce), a missed penalty (Gary Lineker, Mark Crossley), an extra time own goal (Des Walker) and a near career ending tackle (Paul Gascoigne). It’s well documented that Gascoigne probably shouldn’t have even been on the pitch when he decided to shred his cruciate ligament against Gary Charles’ shin and you can’t help but think it would’ve helped him in the long run if he had’ve been sent off. Considering the next year to end in a ‘1’ will be 2031 (and this being their last success in one), it’s probably safe to put that thing to bed now.